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i'm haley - the main lady over here! i'm a mama, photographer + graphic designer. i am obsessed with true crime, coffee, being outside + being creative in every way humanly possibly. I love all things tropical, mid century + anything full of history.

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Lifestyle Newborn | Fresh 48 Photoshoot | Arizona Newborn Photographer | Phoenix Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Portrait sessions are generally an hour to an hour and a half in time & are booked for MANY reasons. Ranging from head shots to senior portraits, lifestyle blog photos and everything in between. We listen to music + dance + its just pretty much a good time with a good lookin' end result.




Downtown Phoenix shoot | Phoenix couples shoot

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Downtown Phoenix shoot | Phoenix couples shoot

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Couples sessions are  between an hour and a half to two hours and also includes music + dancin' +  good time havin'! Sometimes couples shoots are to commemorate an anniversary but the most common is an engagement shoot. These are generally done on location but in-home lifestyle shoots are some of my fave shoots for couples.


I offer a few different types of newborn sessions. I do lifestyle newborns which is your family + new little one in your home. There are no studio lights  or crazy props. It is mostly naturally lit and just YOUR FAMILY, as you are.


I also offer Fresh 48 sessions. Not to be confused with the wildly popular tv show FIRST 48... Fresh 48 sessions are a 60-90 minute session in the hospital /birth center/home your new babe was born in.  A ton  of emotions and genuine first interactions are what I capture during a Fresh 48. Everything from first diaper change, first nursing sesh and meeting siblings or other family.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What should I wear?"

For most shoots, when it comes to wardrobe I always suggest something comfortable and "flowy" for the gals + something simple but sharp for the fellas. Flowy dresses allow the images to evoke the true movements which in turn creates an authentic image.

"What if I'm super uncomfortable in front of the camera?!"

          So I get this one pretty frequently. I always tell clients that IT IS OKAY TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE! Our goal is to capture you as an individual, a family, an entrepreneur AS YOU ARE. I will always guide you through NATURAL poses and capture the things that make you, YOU. It's that simple.

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